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The Virgin of Guadalupe gave a message. To have this oil made, for Vivian's Mestey Healing Ministry. 

The oil is been prayed and touched to the Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Same as the Holy Prayer Cloth,  Vivian Mestey prays individuality to each oil, same to the holy prayer cloth.  Mailed by Priority mail, $5.00 per bottle and $9.90 shipping. Same shipping price for one to 10 bottles of Our Lady of Guadalupe Oil.

If the oil is order with the Holy Prayer Cloth, there will be no charge for shipping on it. The Priority Mail envelop holds ten bottle of oil. May Our Lady of Guadalupe wrap you with her Holy Mantle.






Our Lady Of Guadalupe Oil

SKU: 312
  • Do not intake ( drink ) the oil.

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