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Vivian Mestey was born on November 10, 1954 in Manhattan, New York to Mauricio & Maria Teresa. Vivian met

Felix Mestey in Puerto Rico and fell in love. They were married in 1974 and are currently enjoying 50 years of marriage. They have two daughters, Vivian Christine & Vianlix.

    Vivian's life took a drastic turn when her oldest daughter, Vivian Christine, was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2005. Two years later, her husband, Felix, was diagnosed with Lymphoma. Unfortunately, Vivian herself was diagnosed in 2008 with Breast Cancer. She and her oldest daughter received chemotherapy treatments together. Vivian's faith became much stronger because of her walk through this difficult time. She underwent two surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation. Today she is a Lymphedema patient. Through all her suffering she has surrendered to God's will. Tragically, her oldest daughter, Vivian Christine lost her battle with Breast Cancer in 2011. After such a loss, Vivian would never have imagined that God was calling her for a special mission. But realizing that this was a call from God, Vivian accepted it obediently.

This call was to follow Our Lady of Guadalupe and Vivian has now been the Guardian of The Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe since 2010.  Vivian travels with the image throughout the United States having visitations in Catholic Churches and Basilicas. Through this Healing Ministry, Vivian has prayed over thousands of people who have received blessings and healings through the Intercession of Our Blessed Mother, Our Lady of Guadalupe. 


 Holy Prayer Cloths accompany this Healing Ministry. The Hail Mary is constantly being prayed the entire time that these cloths are made. Prayers continue while the cloths are then being touched to the Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Many Miracles have transpired through the Intercession of Our Blessed Mother through the use of these cloths.


(We welcome you to read about these healings in the Testimonies page that follows).

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