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This Holy Prayer Cloth are sold in each Visitation. The Holy Prayer Cloth are touched to the Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. After they are touched to the Image they become Holy. There have been hundreds of Miracles through the Holy Prayer Cloths. Miracles are still happening with the ones that have been mailed. They are NOT blessed by a Priest. Miracles, testimonies come from the Intercession of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Does not mean if you get one you will get a Miracle... this is all in God's will.

Holy Prayer Cloth

SKU: 1203
  • The Prayer Cloths can't not be put in the washer or dryer. Due to the heat the Image would be crack.

  • After 5 Prayer Cloths you will recieve an additional invoice through Paypal for extra shipping. It will be an aditional $7.00 and can go up to 5 extra Prayer Clothes.